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Check Out Our Roof Renovation Project in Hyde Park, Chicago

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Roof Renovation Project in Hyde Park Chicago A few months ago, we had the honor of working on a residential property in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. The property, a single-family home, needed a new look. We transformed the look of this home by installing clay tiles on its front mansard section, as well as several metal ornamental entities.

Our team at Conrad Roofing of Illinois carried out the entire project, giving the homeowners the exact aesthetic they were looking for. Are you interested in learning more about this project? We are going to discuss the details below.

New Ludowici Spanish Clay Tiles

As noted above, the owner wanted clay tiles installed on the front mansard section of the roof. After reviewing the options, they eventually settled on the Ludowici Spanish clay tiles. This instantly transformed the look of the home, giving it warmth and character.

Ludowici Spanish Clay Tiles offer several benefits. In addition to their top-notch aesthetics, they’re also highly durable. While they come with a 75-year warranty, they stand a legitimate chance of lasting for over 100 years, especially with proper upkeep.

Tough and resilient, they’re not easily impacted by falling debris, and they’re not affected by weather changes either. Not only do temperature fluctuations have no impact on them, but neither do sunlight or moisture.

You can learn more about Ludowici Spanish clay tiles by clicking here.

Copper Cornice

The homeowners also wanted to enhance the aesthetic of the home’s crown. Specifically, they wanted to install a copper cornice. Our team at Conrad Roofing of Illinois fabricating a custom cornice out of high-quality copper, then installed it across the roof’s front mansard section.

Our fabrication experts can create all kinds of cornices, and out of a variety of different materials as well. We can also fabricate a range of other ornamental roofing entities, including dormers, finials, cupolas, and more. If you’re interested in adding any metal roofing ornaments to your roof, we are the people to call.

Installed New Copper Gutters

In addition to a copper cornice, the homeowners also wanted to install new gutters. We fabricated custom copper gutters that fit perfectly with the existing aesthetic of the home.

These high-quality copper gutters not only enhanced the look of the property, but the functionality as well. These gutters will allow water to quickly drain down, preventing moisture exposure issues for your roof.

Our team can fabricate all kinds of custom gutters, and in several materials as well. Whether you want copper gutters, galvanized steel gutters, stainless steel gutters, or something else, our team can accommodate you. Give us a call now to discuss your needs.

Our High-End Roofing Services

We’re not limited to the services discussed above. In fact, we offer essentially any roofing service in existence. Whether you are hoping to install clay tiles, slate tiles, asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, or some other roofing material, our experts know how to get the job done right. We can also repair and maintain existing roofs, helping you get the most out of them.

Want to install a new metal roofing ornament? We can accommodate you on that front as well, creating a custom-fabricated piece that meets your specific vision.

Ready to Renovate Your Roof? Contact the Best Roofing Company in Hyde Park, Chicago

Are you inspired by this roofing project? Are you ready to renovate your roof in the Chicagoland area? If so, Conrad Roofing of Illinois is the company to call.

As the best roofing company in the Hyde Parke, Chicago area and beyond, we have experience work with all types of roofing materials. We can also custom-fabricate any metal ornaments you are looking for.

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