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A High-End Roof Remodel in North Chicago

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One of our latest jobs brought us to Armitage Avenue in North Chicago. The property’s slate tile roofing had deteriorated substantially, as had its cornice and cladding. We replaced the deteriorated roofing materials, swapping them with fresh tiles, cornice, and decorative cladding.

In doing so, we improved both the look and functionality of the building. Not only does it now possess greater protection from the elements, but a vastly improved aesthetic as well. Learn more about the details of this project by reading below.

Check Out the Roofing Remodel We Performed in Chicago’s Gold Coast Neighborhood

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One of our clients in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood recently reached out to us needing help with an update to their roof. Not only did the residence’s slate roofing materials need to be replaced, but it also needed a few aesthetic touches to help it stand out.

We facilitated a full replacement of the deteriorated slate and added a flat roof above the building’s front bay window. We then finished by adding a decorative cornice to complete the look.

Learn more about this project by reading below!

A Copper Roof Replacement in Long Beach, Indiana

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A home on Lake Shore Drive in Long Beach, Indiana was severely damaged by strong winds that are common around Lake Michigan. Its copper roof, specifically, was highly affected and needed to be replaced entirely.

Our team at Conrad Roofing of Illinois facilitated a full replacement of the roof, swapping out the damaged copper and replacing it with fresh standing seam copper panels. This returned the home to its prime functional state, while also enhancing its appearance.

Learn more about this project by reading below.

How to Avoid Storm—Chasing Repair Scam

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Having your house damaged by a terrible storm can be a traumatizing experience, but do you know what’s more traumatizing? Being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous storm chaser.

A storm chaser is a con man who waits for horrible storms to destroy homes and then preys upon the owners of those homes in an attempt to make quick cash.

These individuals offer roofing repair services, but don’t follow through with what was agreed upon.

4 Ways to Prevent Ice from Damaging Your Roof This Winter

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Living in Illinois makes you susceptible to a number of different types of weather—while the summer brings intense heat, the winter brings snow, sleet and ice.

Whether you realize it or not, ice and snow can be very damaging to your roof. If you allow ice dams to form around the edges of your roof, you leave it vulnerable to melting ice and moisture. Once this moisture seeps into the wood structure of your roof, it can start to rot.

What can go wrong with my roof?

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The lifespan of a roof is measured in decades. If you purchased your home as new construction or have lived there a decade or less, you may never have had to consider replacing your roof. However, because of exposure to the elements and other factors, a roof does eventually wear out. Putting off the job can expose you to risks of structural damage to your home. Is your roof showing its age? These are a few things that can go wrong when a roofing replacement is put off:

Watch Out for Roofing Scams

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They show up after every storm: scammers exploiting home and business owners whose roofs need repairs of storm-related damage. At best, these are often unlicensed roofing contractors who lack the insurance and credentials required by law. At worse, they are con artists who take consumers’ money and never show up to complete the job. Look out for the following warning signs before agreeing to let someone fix your roof:

Preparing Your Metal Roof for Winter: A Quick Guide

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Living in the Chicago area means culture, world-class architecture, and the best Polish sausage and deep dish pizza on the planet. Oh, and brutal winters. While it still may seem too early to think about snow it’s important to start prepping your home now.

Metal roofs are known for their durability and their insulating properties. But that doesn’t mean that once your metal roof is installed there’s nothing else to be done. Like any roof, a metal roof needs a bit of TLC when the cold weather hits.

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