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Conrad Roofing of Illinois provides a variety of roofing services. In addition to more traditional services, we also offer architectural metal work and can fabricate any design in our metal shop. Click to learn more!

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We're proud of the work we've done and we wish to share it with you. In doing so, we hope to inspire you with great ideas for your next rooftop project, whether it's commercial or residential. See our work here!

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The more you learn about Conrad Roofing of Illinois, the more we believe you'll want to work with us. We take pride in our level of customer service. Go ahead and learn more about our company here!

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The roof of your home or business plays many important roles. Not only does it protect your property from the elements and help keep it energy efficient, but it also serves as the aesthetic capstone for the building. To satisfy and fulfill all of these roles, every roof should be both functional and attractive. At Conrad Roofing of Illinois we have the skills and services to help you achieve both of these important objectives.

When a roof is functional and attractive, it can be easy to forget the importance it plays. Too often we take for granted the warmth and protection our roofs provide. If we’re not careful, our satisfaction can lead to inattention, and we’ll find we only call our local Chicago roofing contractor when there is an emergency. Our sincere hope is that we will all take more responsibility in maintaining and preserving the roofs over our heads. Regular communication with one of our roofing contractors in Chicago will help keep your roof (and building!) functional and attractive for years to come.

One of the services we offer to help you get an attractive roof is with our architectural sheet metal service. With architectural sheet metal we can create graceful and appealing designs that enhance the function of your roof. If you're interested in learning more, either about our general roofing services or regarding architectural sheet metal, please feel free to call us today and schedule an appointment or request a free quote.

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Residential Roofing Specialists

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Only let knowledgeable professionals touch the roof of your home. When you hire Conrad Roofing of Illinois, you can trust that we'll install a functional and beautiful roof. View our gallery of residential projects to see what we can do for you!

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Commercial Roofing Experts

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When you want an attractive and functional commercial space, turn to Conrad Roofing of Illinois. Our professional and skilled craftsman can bring your vision to life. Spark your imagination with our gallery of commercial jobs.

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Metal Roofing Experts

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At Conrad Roofing of Illinois, we specialize in installing a variety of metal works for your roofing needs. Get the long-lasting value and durability your home or business demands. See our Metal Works gallery for inspiration.

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