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Check Out the Roofing Remodel We Performed in Chicago’s Gold Coast Neighborhood

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One of our clients in Chicago’s Gold Coast neighborhood recently reached out to us needing help with an update to their roof. Not only did the residence’s slate roofing materials need to be replaced, but it also needed a few aesthetic touches to help it stand out.

We facilitated a full replacement of the deteriorated slate and added a flat roof above the building’s front bay window. We then finished by adding a decorative cornice to complete the look.

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Replacing the Slate Tiles

The building’s front mansard was covered in slate tiles that had slowly deteriorated over the years. Our replacement efforts helped boost the aesthetics of the property, as well as its energy efficiency.

We installed new Vermont Black natural slate, which was the same material that the building already contained. In doing so, we restored its elegant look that the building once had.

Adding a Flat Roof Above the Front Bay Window

The front of the building contained a protruding bay window. The area above this window required some form of roofing material as a means of avoiding water damage.

We installed a flat roof above the window, allowing the window to maintain its same aesthetic while also negating the effects of rain, snow, and other elements.

If you would like to do something similar with one of your bay windows, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team!

Installing a Cornice at the Top of the Bay Window

The building had a metal cornice that was damaged, so we replaced it. We fabricated and installed new 16 oz. lead-coated copper metal cornice on the front bay window of the building, matching the existing cornice as closely as possible.

How We Improved the Building

Our work brought numerous improvements to this Gold Coast building. Some of the most notable improvements include the following:

An Improved Aesthetic

Due to years of deterioration, the original slate tiles on the building had lost a great deal of their luster. Because of this, there was visible wear and tear on certain sections of the roof. We fixed this problem by replacing the worn-out slate with new Vermont Black natural slate tiles.

We also enhanced the aesthetic by replacing the cornice on the bay window. This brought an increased sense of luxury to the structure, and it also helped make it more aesthetically symmetrical.

Greater Protection from the Elements

The area above the bay window was in dire need of attention. In its previous condition, the building was vulnerable to water damage and other potential issues from the elements.

By installing a new flat roof, we gave the building the protection it needed, while also boosting its aesthetic.

Increased Value

By making these changes, we increased the value of this property on several fronts. By making the property less vulnerable to water damage, we made it a safer investment for future buyers. In improving its aesthetic, we gave it a heightened sense of luxury, thereby increasing its property value.

Ready to Make Some Updates to Your Roof?

Are you impressed with the work we performed at this Gold Coast property? Looking to make similar updates to your roof? If so, our team at Conrad Roofing of Illinois has you covered.

We have experience carrying out all kinds of roofing projects — from replacements to repairs to aesthetic enhancements and more. We work with all sorts of high-quality materials to provide the exact aesthetic you’re looking for.

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