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An Asbestos Tile Roof Replacement We Completed in Northbrook, Illinois

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Tile roof replacement in Northbrook IllinoisWe were recently called upon to replace an asbestos roof on a church in Northbrook, Illinois. The roof was long past its prime and in dire need of a replacement.

In addition to replacing the asbestos tile portions of the roof, we also ended up installing a variety of metal roofing components as well, improving the structure both functionally and aesthetically. Are you interested in learning about the details of this project? We are going to explain below.

Installing New DaVinci Synthetic Slate Tiles on the Pitched Sections of the Northwest Wing

The asbestos tiles on the pitched sections of the building’s northwest wing had run well past their expiration date. Because of this, they were significantly lacking in terms of aesthetics, functionality, and safety.

This called for a full asbestos tile replacement, which we facilitated by adding new underlayment and new DaVinci synthetic slate tiles. These possess the same general look of natural slate tiles but are less susceptible to cracking and provide weight reduction.

If you are interested in installing DaVinci synthetic slate tiles on your roof, our team at Conrad Roofing of Illinois will be happy to help you find the perfect color and carry out the installation.

Installing a New Copper Metal Built-In Gutter System on the Roof of the Northwest Wing

The gutter system on the northwest wing of the building had significantly deteriorated in the last few years. As a result, we removed the old gutters and replaced them with a new 20 oz. copper metal built-in gutter system.

This system was fully fabricated in-house with expansions joints to allow for expansion and contraction and was designed to fit into the property’s existing aesthetic. Not only does the new gutter system ensure that roof can effectively drain water away, but the copper also serves as a beautiful compliment to the DaVinci synthetic slate tiles.

If you would like to install a built-in gutter system at your property, we are the people to call. We have the skills and equipment needed to fabricate gutter systems from a wide variety of metals.

Installing New Copper Metal Wall Cladding on the Dormers of the Northwest Wing

Roof replacement company in Northbrook IllinoisThe client wanted to add a decorative element to the dormers on the roof of the building’s northwest wing. We accommodated this request by installing new copper metal decorative wall cladding that is maintenance free. This was fully fabricated in-house, and we designed it specifically to match the building’s existing aesthetic.

Do you want to enhance the look of your property by installing maintenance free copper metal wall cladding on your dormer walls? If so, Conrad Roofing of Illinois is the company to call.

Installing New Metal Fascia Cladding Under the Gutters of the Northwest Wing

We also installed new metal fascia cladding under the newly installed gutter system. This not only enhanced the look of the roof, but it ensured that the area was properly insulated and protected from moisture.

Fascia is integral to a properly functioning gutter system. It provides support to the gutters to ensure that they hold up over the years. It also helps prevent water from seeping into the building during heavy storms.

Installing New Copper Metal Snow Guards on the Pitched Sections of the Northwest Wing

We finished the project by installing new copper metal snow guards on the pitched sections of the building’s northwest wing.

The point of snow guards is to prevent large chunks of snow from falling off the roof at one time. In doing so, snow guards and a built-in gutter system protect the property below, also helping prevent injuries to passersby.

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