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Replacing a Leaky Roof in the Lakeview East Neighborhood of Chicago

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Roof replacement in Lakeview East ChicagoOur crew at Conrad Roofing of Illinois was recently finished working on property in Chicago’s Lakeview East neighborhood. The property was leaking from the roof around the dormers and mansard.

We stopped the leaking by replacing various roofing components, including the shingles and flat roofing portions. We also fabricated and installed some additional components as a means of enhancing the property’s overall aesthetic. Are you wondering what this includes? We are going to explain below.

Installing New Shingles on the Mansards

The old shingles on this property’s mansards were well past the point of their life span and proper functionality. This was allowing water to leak through them on a regular basis, which had the potential to cause severe structural damage.

We rectified the problem by installing new underlayment and shingles. These enhanced not only the property’s functional capabilities, but its aesthetics as well, giving it a fresh look that helped it to stand out amongst its neighboring properties.

There are all sorts of shingles out on the market today. These vary from standard asphalt shingles to architectural shingles to wooden shakes and more. Regardless of the style or color of shingles you prefer, our team can help you find the perfect option for your roof.

Installing New Metal Flat Lock Wall and Roof Panels on the Dormers

The property’s dormers were leaking as well. To solve this, we replaced their existing materials with new metal flat lock wall and roof panels. These were fabricated entirely by our team, and they were designed to provide the highest level of water protection.

In addition to improving the property’s water protection capabilities, these wall and roof panels are maintenance free, but also added an entirely new element to the property in terms of aesthetics. In essence, they greatly enhanced its overall appearance.

Do you have dormers on your property? Looking to have maintenance free dormers and increase their water protection capabilities while simultaneously improving their aesthetics? If so, Conrad Roofing of Illinois can get the job done right.

Installing New Copper Metal Crown Molding on the Dormers

Not only did we supply the dormers with new metal flat lock wall and roof panels, but with new crown molding as well. This was made from copper metal and was fabricated entirely in-house.

The primary purpose of crown molding is to enhance a property’s overall appearance. The molding adds a bit of contrast between the dormer and the rest of the roof, helping it to stand out. That said, crown molding also offers some water protection for the windows as well.

We can fabricate crown molding of all styles, and from a wide range of materials as well. If you are interested in having new crown molding installed at your property, we are the people to call.

Need to Have Your Leaky Roof Repaired?

Are you currently dealing with leaks or other forms of roofing damage at your property? Looking to make some repairs and improvements? If so, look no further than the professionals at Conrad Roofing of Illinois.

We have repaired countless roofs throughout the Chicagoland area over the years, and we would be more than happy to do the same for you. Regardless of the look you’re hoping to achieve, we can make it a reality.

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