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A High-End Roof Remodel in North Chicago

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One of our latest jobs brought us to Armitage Avenue in North Chicago. The property’s slate tile roofing had deteriorated substantially, as had its cornice and cladding. We replaced the deteriorated roofing materials, swapping them with fresh tiles, cornice, and decorative cladding.

In doing so, we improved both the look and functionality of the building. Not only does it now possess greater protection from the elements, but a vastly improved aesthetic as well. Learn more about the details of this project by reading below.

Installing New Slate Tiles

The slate tiles on the property’s front mansard had deteriorated to a point of dysfunctionality. Not to mention, they were dragging down the building’s otherwise beautiful appearance. We fixed this problem by removing the affected tiles entirely and adding new red natural slate tiles in their place.

In addition to updating and enhancing the property’s overall appearance, these tiles also provided protection from rain and other elements.

Adding Decorate Cladding with Rosettes

The decorative cladding on the property’s front bay window had begun to rust. This was reducing the property’s overall appearance, which is why the owners opted for a replacement.

We solved the problem by fabricating new cladding with decorative rosettes out of zinc. We then replaced the existing cladding with our newly made decorative cladding. This gave the building a fresh new look, effectively modernizing its appearance.

Adding a Cornice with a Built-In Gutter System

Like the building’s cladding, its cornice had formed a substantial amount of rust. As such, a full replacement was the best course of action.

We fabricated an all-new cornice out of zinc, complete with a built-in gutter system. We also fabricated a zinc gable end as a means of further enhancing the building’s look. In the end, this improved both the functionality and appearance of the building.

 Understanding the Benefits of These Roofing Components

Are you wondering how slate tiles, decorative cladding, and cornices can benefit your property? We’re going to review some of their characteristics below.

Slate Tiles

Natural slate tiles are not just aesthetically pleasing — they are functionally impressive as well. While they carry a regal and luxurious appearance, they also provide tremendous amounts of durability and toughness. In fact, high-quality slate tile can last for over 100 years.

You can use slate tiles as both a primary and secondary roofing material. When used as a secondary roofing material, slate tiles can provide a beautiful and eye-catching contrast to any property.


A cornice is a long, narrow piece of crowning that adorns a building, typically in a horizontal manner. Cornices are used primarily for decorative purposes. They not only offer an attractive aesthetic of their own, but they also serve to cover up the joints between roofs and walls.

Without a cornice, a building can look plain and unappealing. But with the right cornice, a building can take on a luxurious appearance.


Cladding is a structural component that also possesses aesthetic qualities. Not only does it help strengthen a structure, but it also provides a layer of insulation. In addition, it helps protect a structure from moisture seepage.

If you want to simultaneously enhance the look and functionality of your building, adding cladding is an option you should strongly consider.

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