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4 Ways to Prevent Ice from Damaging Your Roof This Winter

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Living in Illinois makes you susceptible to a number of different types of weather—while the summer brings intense heat, the winter brings snow, sleet and ice.

Whether you realize it or not, ice and snow can be very damaging to your roof. If you allow ice dams to form around the edges of your roof, you leave it vulnerable to melting ice and moisture. Once this moisture seeps into the wood structure of your roof, it can start to rot.

Due to this, it’s best to take some preemptive measures to prevent ice dams from forming and prevent snow from melting.

Here are six ways to prevent ice from damaging your Illinois roof this winter.

 1. Clean Out Your Gutters

The most basic step you must take to prevent ice from damaging your roof this winter is to clean out your gutters.

If your gutters are filled with dead leaves and dirt residue, the melted ice will have nowhere to travel. This will result in moisture sitting sedentary and eventually freezing while turning into ice.

So get up on that ladder and remove those leaves from your gutters. Also make sure that your down spout gutter is cleared up to the point that it will allow water to travel through it undisturbed.

 2. Use Heat Tape

A great way to combat ice dams caused by light snow is to make use of heat tape. Heat tape can be applied to the underside of your roof so that snow is melted almost as soon as it makes contact with the shingles.

This tape must be applied in a very specific manner; typically with a somewhat curving, winding pattern. In fact, if you install it incorrectly, it could actually be more trouble than it’s worth.

If you are unsure of how to install the heat tape and interested in using it, you could always call Conrad Roofing Company.

3. Ensure That Your Attic Ceiling is Properly Insulated

Ice dams form because existing snow and ice melt then flow to the bottom of your roof and refreeze. You can counteract an ice dam by ensuring that ice and snow don’t melt in the first place.

To keep heat from building up on the exterior of your roof, you need to make sure that the area directly under the roof isn’t letting heat escape. This can be done by making certain that your attic’s ceiling is properly insulated.

When insulating the ceiling of your attic, it’s important to pay special attention to ductwork. The ductwork is the source of a majority of heat.

4. Reduce Sources of Heat in the Attic

Another way to keep attic heat from reaching the exterior of your roof is by not producing heat in the first place. Heat generated by light bulbs, generators, and other such items can cause an attic to get hotter than it otherwise would be.

It’s also important to pay attention to the sources of heat directly under the attic. Make sure that the interior of your home is properly insulated so that heat can’t easily escape into the attic.

Essentially, the key is to insulate your home while minimizing the amount of heat that is emitted within it.

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