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Flat Roof Installation in Chicago, Illinois

Do you own a commercial property in the Chicago, Illinois area? If so, there are 2 common roof systems to choose from.

Types of Flat Roofs

-Modified Bitumen

Modified bitumen is a roofing material made from a combination of asphalt, plastic, and rubber. It stands out for its terrific ability to stretch, thriving through temperature swings of all kinds. Because it stretches so well, it is considered to be the most popular roof system out there.

This material is offered in multiple plies and is layed using a torch applied method. For this reason, it requires professional installation.

Available with either a granulated or smooth texture, it can offer great protection to your roof for years to come.  

-TPO Single-Ply Membrane

Single-ply membranes are similar to modified bitumen roofs in that they are capable of vast stretching and flexibility.

TPO can be fully adhered with an adhesive or mechanically fastened with screws & plates.

Single-ply membranes sheets vary in thickness and are hot air heat welded together to form a waterproof bond. They are considered to be an Environmentally friendly & an Energy Efficient roof system.

Take Advantage of Certified Installers

Here at Conrad Roofing, we have only certified installers. This ensures that the work we do is safe and up to standard.

Our installers go through a training program (CERTA) that provides the most up to date requirements and standards for torching activities. In this program an authorized trainer delivers personalized hands on training for all of our installers.

The NRCA strives for the maximum safety standards and continues to insure that the program is of the highest quality.

NDL Roof Warranty

We offer a NDL (no dollar limit) warranty that is provided by the manufacturer and extends over a time period of up to 35 years.

Being a Certified Contractor of multiple manufacturers not only insures that your roof is done correctly, it also provides you with the best warranties available for the life of your roof.

We Follow All IECC Codes

Like any roofing company worth its salt, Conrad Roofing follows International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), along with local municipality codes. The IECC is a set of rules put in place in order to regulate energy usage across the world. It is vital in ensuring that roofing is efficient.

It is our goal to install roofs that are as well-constructed and energy-efficient as possible.

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