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Architectural Metal Roof

Architectural metal roofing in Chicago offers a number of advantages for businesses and homeowners alike. Metal roofs are highly durable, offering beautiful looks and superior protection for years. While the upfront cost of a metal roof may be more, this long lasting material pays for itself over time.

Why You Should Choose a Metal Roof

These roofs offer a wealth of advantages. Reasons to go with metal for your home or business include:

  • Wind and weather resistance. Chicago weather can be fierce. Metal roofing stands up to high winds, heavy rains, snow and more.
  • High energy efficiency. A metal roof will keep heat out during the summer and keep warmth inside during the cooler months. This means less money spent heating and cooling your house all year long.
  • Fire safety. Metal roofs are non-combustible, meaning that they can help keep your home safe from fire.
  • Environmentally friendly. Where other roofing materials can involve a lot of waste, metal roofs are completely recyclable. Most metal roofs contain at least 25% recycled material, meaning that you are keeping materials out of the waste stream when you choose metal.
  • Built to last. A metal roof is typically guarantied to last anywhere from 30 to 50 years. Your builder may also offer¬†
  • Versatile. Metal roofs come in gleaming copper, bright steel and a rainbow of colors. Choose from many shades to pick a roof that complements your home perfectly.

What Is Involved in Metal Roof Installation

A metal roof can be put on over certain types of shingles or on a fresh roof after old roofing materials have been removed. Whether the current roof will need to be removed depends on whether there is more than one layer (in most cases, code does not allow more than two layers of roofing) and what kind of metal roof you want. Metal shingle systems are easier to install over an old roof; standing seam steel is better installed alone.

When we install a new metal roof on your home, we’ll ensure that you have the features that can protect your home from the weather all year long. Ventilation on the roof keeps the home cool in the summer and protects against dangerous ice dams in the winter.¬†

How long it will take to install the roof will depend on the size of your home or business, what roofing was already present and what kind of metal roofing material you choose. In most cases, we can have the job done in about two days. This will include important features such as flashing and ice and water shields that will protect your home.

Is it time to consider a new roof for your home? Think a metal roof may be for you? Get in touch today to see the roofing styles we have available and which ones will work best for your home.

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